Human Rights

The Riverbrook Human Rights Committee ensures that the rights and freedoms of the women are fully respected

Riverbrook has had a Human Rights Committee since the inception of the regulation in the 1980's. The committee ensures that the rights and freedoms of the Riverbrook women are completely respected. The Committee is comprised of a social worker, attorney, psychiatric nurse, and local citizens and parents who are not related to a Riverbrook woman. In this way, a high standard of objectivity is maintained.

Riverbrook is an environment in which the women are taught to understand and actively exercise their human rights. In its 2010 review, the State of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services noted that the Riverbrook women “were able to articulate basic human rights as well as speak to how they had been supported to exercise them in various settings.”

Tanny is a woman with many skills! She is a tap dancer, an equestrienne, and a very accomplished pianist. Tanny enjoys using her musical ability to play at venues across Massachusetts. Tanny's fans are a diverse group - they include the residents of Perkins School for the Blind, her alma mater, guests who enjoy her playing at the historic Red Lion Inn and Governor Deval Patrick, for whom Tanny has performed with her music teacher, Jessica Roemischer, on a number of occasions! Tanny states, "It makes me happy to play the piano for people and I love being paid!"