Fitness and Recreation

From excursions on hiking trails to trips into town to "Fitness at Riverbrook," the residents of Riverbrook enjoy an active life by any measure.

An extensive indoor and outdoor recreation program enables women with disabilities to maintain physical and mental strength through activities that tone the body and relax the mind.

Riverbrook has its own fitness room and Barbara Manring, Riverbrook's part-time fitness instructor, guides the women in a regular exercise program called, "Fitness at Riverbrook." Barbara tailors the activities to meet the needs of each individual woman, incorporating weights, aerobic exercise, balance and stretching activities.

Jane Cole enjoys the movement classes the Riverbrook women attend at the world-class Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge.

Residents also participate in weekly movement therapy classes, swimming, bowling, and dancing. Advanced athletes compete in horseback riding and train for the summer and winter Special Olympics. Body work and massage with a licensed massage therapist are available to the women.

The women of Riverbrook have the unique advantage of living in one of the most culturally rich and naturally beautiful environments in the United States. This gives them many opportunities that vary by season – they can hike through the Berkshire mountains or cross country ski through the fields which are literally situated at their back door. From excursions on hiking trails to trips into town, the residents of Riverbrook enjoy an active life by any measure.

Frequent outings are planned to the local health resort for swimming and exercise, and to movement and yoga classes at the nationally-known Kripalu Yoga Center (link). Local cultural events such as orchestral concerts at Tanglewood, the summer home of the world-famous Boston Symphony, or dance performances at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival enrich the women’s lives. They also enjoy excursions to the local movie theaters, shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors.

Sue Croll keeps fit in the Riverbrook gym!